Cover Illustration by  Rebekka Dunlap , Cover Design by  Hannah K. Lee

Cover Illustration by Rebekka Dunlap, Cover Design by Hannah K. Lee

Dream Tube is the first collection of work by cartoonist and illustrator, Rebekka Dunlap. These comics effortlessly jaunt from colonized interstellar Space to a Brooklyn Witch’s loft party restroom to the emotional geometry of a couple’s private life
— Ryan Sands (Founder & Editor of YOUTH IN DECLINE)
There’s at least one amazing idea on every single page of Dream Tube. It’s a packed, relentlessly inventive book.
— Sam Alden (Author of New Constructions, It Never Happened Again)
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Dunlap is a fiercely talented cartoonist who’s talents are well suited to abstract narrative.
— Tim O'Neil, The AV Club
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Dream Tube was honored to be among those chosen and featured in the 2016 Society of Illustrators Cartoon & Comic Art Annual